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July 22, 2013

The Foundation For Love

To be happy together, we need to build and maintain loving connections with our partner. The stronger these connections are, the more lasting our love will be. Love and romance are nurtured as much by small, everyday things as by…
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October 9, 2013

How Not to Cheat

Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything. The Toltec Empire lasted from 300 to 600 BC and included the Pacific Coastal Chiapas and Guatemala, the Yucatan Peninsula, and much of Northern and Western…
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October 24, 2013

How Do Men and Women Approach Problems?

When I am working with couples, the men may talk a lot about wanting to be appreciated and having a partner who can help them; they seem to want loyalty and they want to engage in activities like hiking or…
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November 18, 2013

5 Ways to Rebuild Trust After It’s Broken

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche Laurie and Frank were high school sweethearts. They married young because Laurie became pregnant and, being Catholic, any other…
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February 7, 2014

What Do Women Want Anyway?

My wife of 22 years and I were making dinner the other night and between shifts of chopping and mixing I was waxing philosophical about what women want. So, naturally I sort of put the question to her in my…
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February 25, 2014

Does Anger Have a Place in Love Relationships?

The other day I was sitting in my office with an enraged couple and I could not get a word in edgewise. They were locked nose to nose in a mudslinging, vitriol induced confrontation. I silently asked myself, what are…
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